safe deposit lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers in kenya

Safe deposit lockers are a save banking in Kenya way to store your important documents and jewellery. Not everybody can afford secure storage in their homes and this is a very good alternative.

How to get Safe Deposit Lockers

The banks and financial institutions offer these boxes. They are usually of small, medium and large size. The size preference is noted on the application form. The safes are not very large and mainly about 20 inches length, 15 inches wide and 10 inches in depth.

Safe deposit lockers

The banks charge for safe deposit boxes. The amounts differ from bank to bank and range from a minimum of Kenya shillings 2,000 per annum. Some banks also require that a refundable deposit amount is banked with the bank before the safe deposit box becomes active.

Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers


The bank is not aware of the documents or items in the safe deposit boxes. When applying for a safe deposit box, you are required to declare that: the nature of the documents or items in the box is not illegal items like explosives and guns. The bank is indemnifies by your signature to this clause.


Applicants for safe deposit lockers

For individuals all the banks require is an original Identification document and a copy of the same.  For corporate or limited liability companies, the application process requires a copy of the resolution of the board, with a company seal. For partnerships, a letter must be written to the bank stating the intention to rent the safe deposit box. The letter has to be signed by at least two directors and it must be accompanies by the application letter. For Non Governmental organisations, clubs and societies minutes showing the discussion and signed by the at least two directors must be presented.. The minutes must also name the appointed agents for operating the safe deposit box.

Advantages of Safe Deposit Lockers

  • Security of your valued belongs like wills and jewellery
  • The safe deposit lockers are fire proof
  • Access to items in the safe deposit box is within the banking hours.
  • Secrecy and privacy for the owner of the safe deposit locker

The owners of the safe deposit lockers are issued with a 2 sets of keys for the safe deposit lockers. The individual owner of the lockers need to include their safe deposit lockers details as it is usually not known to family members.

Banks and financial institutions should advertise more about safe deposit Lockers especially with the disasters of fires and theft that are on the increase.

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