ATM Cards- 9 Things you need to know about ATM Cards

Introduction of ATM Cards in Kenya

A few years back the terms or names ATM and ATM Cards were foreign to most Kenyans. As banking in kenya developed,  ATM’s were introduced in the country, and became it was common to see service representatives (mostly beautiful young ladies) at the ATM lobbies. These ladies would explain what an ATM and ATM card was and what one needed to be able to use the machine.

ATM Cards and access

ATM Cards are used to access ATMs. The Cards are also used to purchase goods and services. With the advent of new technology, the ATMs can be activated with the use of a PIN for Mobile access.

9 things you need to know about ATM cards:

  1. Do not store your ATM card with your PIN. Memorise the PIN number and destroy it.
  2. The ATM card must be inserted in the right way. If the card is not positioned right, it will not get into the card slot on the ATM machine. Most ATMs have an arrow that points the directions as to how to insert the plastic.
  3. The ATM card can be removed or ejected if you do not remember the PIN number. There is a button that allows cancelation of the transactions.
  4. The ATM card must be valid and current. the ATM cards have an expiry date on the face of them. When the card is expiried, it will be ejected when you attempt to use it.
  5. Do not use an ATM when there is a person too close to you. they may be able to see your account Balances and follow you.
  6. Do not trust your PIN number to another person. Protect your ATM card at all costs.
  7. where you have a joint account, each of the account signatories should be issued with their own cards to access the cash machine.
  8. In case your ATM card is retained by the ATM machine, ensure to get a receipt or acknowledgement from the Machine. In case of fraud this receipt is used as evidence.
  9. The ATM card has a magnetic strip at the back which when affected renders the Card useless. do not therefore store your cards with the backs facing each other or next to your cell phone.

Ensure that you protect your ATM cards so that you are able to use it with minimum negative experiences.

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