loan without a bank account

Get a loan without a bank account.

It is true; you can get a loan without a bank account. Operating a bank account for at least six months has been a major bank requirement many years. This was just one of the many hurdles borrowers had to through before one could even be considered for a bank loan or a quick loan.

Reasons for a loan without a bank account


loan without a bank account

loan without a bank account

The argument was that the bank account enabled the bank to determine the ability of the potential borrower to service the loan. The bank account would be used to compare the credit turnovers against the debit turnovers.

Most banks  have realized that this concept does not really make sense to a certain category of potential borrowers; the people in formal employment. Majority of these people in formal employment have only one source of income, that is, the salary income. A salary is reliably paid at the end of every month.

 Loan without a bank account through check off system

In order to have a competitive edge, most banks have reviewed the requirement to operate an account for a minimum of six months before being considered for a loan. They have therefore instituted what is called ‘check off system’ with the employers.

Loan without a bank account through check off system is an agreement between the banks and the employers of the potential borrowers. Deductions for loan repayment are deducted at source through the payroll.

When lending to this category of potential borrowers, the banks appraisal is on the employer and not the borrower.  Banks analyze the employer to know:  how long they have been in business, who the directors of that company are and even staff turnover within the company.

This has made governments to be seen as trusted employers of potential borrowers. Banks have been targeting many Government institutions like Teachers Service Commission (TSC), civil servants, Armed forces, international organizations and even the police forces.

The banks, on agreement with the employer to give a loan without a bank account, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding which will clearly indicate the following:

  • The agreed date the deductions for the loan repayment will be done from the payroll and when the same will be submitted or remitted to the bank.
  • The preferential interest rate the employees will be charged by the bank.
  • The maximum repayment period for the loan granted to the employee by the bank.

 The only requirements for loan without a bank account these potential borrowers need are:

  1. Pay slip for at least three months as proof of the amount of net salary they receive on a monthly basis.
  2. Letter of appointment from the employer which indicate the terms of employment for example if they have been employed in permanent or temporary basis, retirement age.
  3. To be able adhere with the two thirds rule, employers approval must be obtained and confirm that there are no other loan commitments. The two thirds rule means that the borrower must retain two thirds of their salary to live on.

Inspite of the above the responsibility and risks of lending to the potential borrower does not pass to the employer, the bank must still practice prudent lending. Giving a loan without a bank account is a decision that banks all over the world are using to make higer profits.

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