Customer Experience is a sales word for Banks

Customer experience is a term that is mentioned often in banks but which is not adhered to. this term is often interchanged with customer service. Customer service and customer experience do not mean the same thing.

 Clients Customer experience at a bank

After several months of literally  being tracked down by a sales representative or sales executive as they prefer to be called my group decided to open an account at one of the banks, being satisfied that that the features looked good and would serve the interest of the group.

Six months down the line the group held elections as some of the office bearers were moving out of town and it would be prudent to replace them to allow smooth running of the group. There was therefore need to change the account signatories and one of the office bearers was mandated to get all the requirements needed from the bank. This was in readiness for when the other office bearers would be available for this process.

After ensuring all the requirements previously obtained from the bank were in place the office bearers walked confidently to the banks sure that the process would take the shortest time possible. When they got to the customer service desk after patiently waiting on the queue  a blank looking officer informed them that those are not the requirements and went ahead to produce a totally different list of requirements.

Protesting, they explained that they got the previous requirements from that desk and even their request to see the manager was declined. As at this moment the group has not been able to change the signatories and this has greatly hampered the operations of the group.

Reasons for poor customer experience

  • Once one opens an account then they become a statistics to the bank, the customer no longer has a face or a name. The bank can proudly say they have reached the one million mark in number of accounts maintained. Customer experience is no longer necessary when the numbers are being achieved.
  • Lack of staff training on all areas of banking. Training of staff members on the procedures of the bank is no longer a priority to the banks. It seems like provided you can communicate, press keys on the computer key board and sit on a desk that’s it. One will catch up on procedures as they sit there. This reduces the customers experience since the customer is not assisted.
  • Quality of service is not in the interest of banks. It is the number of transactions that matter, profits have become more important.
  • Banks are aware that the justice system is slow and a customer needs to have huge resources to file for damages. The banks will not bother to keep their promises. An ordinary account holder is unable to sue the bank due the costs.

Ways for the banks to improve customer experience

  • Training is a must. The staffs must be trained in all aspects of serving the customers not just in selling.
  • The bank must have standard operational procedures which are known and available to all staff. This will lead to consistency on all operations and forms that customers have to complete. This enhances customer experience.

Customers are the reason why banks operate. The banks must therefore make it a point to improve on their customer experience offering.

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