Virtual terminal – Acquiring

A Virtual terminal can be used to process credit card transactions usually using credit cards, Debit cards and online transactions. Virtual cards may be used on a virtual terminal.

What is a virtual terminal

A virtual terminal is a terminal that can be used for processing any credit card transactions from any computer with internet access anywhere in the world. Virtual terminal can also be referred to as an online version of what is traditionally known as Point of Sale (POS) terminals for example the ones in the supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, retail clothing outlets and many other places.

Due to the increase in use of credit cards on online shopping and in order for these outlets to be competitive, it would be very important that they acquire the virtual terminal.

Competetive advantages of acquiring a Virtual terminal

  • A virtual terminal enables the merchant to reach a wider market and therefore increase their sales. The merchant is able to increase sales volume when they acquire a virtual terminal as they are able to make online transaction for a wider market.
  • Acquiring a virtual terminal makes the merchant have a competitive edge over their competitors. This is because the merchants are easy to access because of the online accessibility to their customers and potential customers.
  • By acquiring a virtual terminal a merchant is able to grow in business by increasing sales, reducing the costs and growth in the profits of the merchant company. the merchant becomes more efficient and effective.

 Requirements for merchants who aspire to acquire a virtual terminal

  1. The merchant acquiring the virtual terminal must have the capacity to handle  online transactions. The capacity will include computers and human resource. The question that will be raised is if the merchant acquiring the virtual terminal has the ability to securely and efficiently handle a series of tasks. These tasks that the merchant acquiring the virtual terminal will be able to handle include verification of each transaction, documentation of the transaction and processing of the credit card transaction.
  2. The merchant acquiring the virtual terminal must have a very efficient data security system. The system should be secure and safe for the merchant to be able to acquire the virtual terminal.
  3. Virtual terminal can also be acquired by the merchant if the merchant has a good reputation financially. This is to say that the credit rating of this merchant is good so as to be able to purchase the virtual terminal.
  4. A merchant can also acquire a virtual terminal if the merchant has a wide network of outlets. It would not be prudent to acquire a virtual terminal if the merchant has only  one outlet.



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