Card Enhancements

Card Enhancements – Best offers and secrets revealed

When considering the card company you will apply to, it is important to consider the additional Card Enhancements to the product you will get from the card company. There are several additions that a  Credit card company can use to make their card more competitive and attractive to the prospective cardholder.

We will look at the various card enhancements that a card company can use to competitively stay ahead of other companies. When deciding which card company to apply to for a card, it would be good to look out for the card enhancements.

Card Enhancements

Card Enhancements

  • Card Enhancements -Credit card protection

This is very important as the card will be paid in case you die or in case you are retrenched or incapacitated. Your family will not have to pay for your debts because the amount of your credit limit had been insured. The insurance may be free with the card or the cardholder may be required to pay a minimal amount.

  • Card Enhancements – Discounts/rebates

Cards companies work with various outlets and service providers to get their cardholders discounts or rebates. The card companies may refund the customer by crediting their card companies with a stated amount if they spend the required amount for the campaign. These discounts and rebates are very popular and customers are very happy to spend as much as they can to get free or discounted prizes.

  • Card Enhancements – Emergency services

The card companies also may provide emergency services to the cardholder. Emergency services may include emergency cash advance facilitation where a card is lost when the cardholder is travelling. The cardholder may also get a card replacement when their card is lost when they are in another country. Cardholders may also get free advice on where to seek medical services as they travel.

  • Card Enhancements – Financial services

The cardholders may be able to access financial services in or outside their countries as a bonus to having that particular card. The services may be free or at discounted prises. These are important especially for those who are new to use of cards and have little financial exposure. It prevents cardholders from going into debt.

  • Card Enhancements – Insurance

Whether it is lost card, medical or travel insurance, it is important to find out which insurance if any is provided by your card company to cardholders. Some of the insurance is free and others require that the cardholder pays for it. The travel insurance is a favourite especially where the cardholder travels a lot. In case the cardholder gets sick or loses their luggage, they are refunded by the insurance company.

  • Card Enhancements – Travel services

Additional to the insurance the cardholder may get consirge services, pick up and drop off services at hotels and airports. The cardcomapny may be working with certain airlines making the services more accessible.

  • Card Enhancements – VIP services

Services for ‘very important persons’ are mainly given to high net work cardholders and are usually not availed to all the cardholders. The services are geared to ensure that the experience of the cardholder is the best that there is. The cardholder may be availed a personal assistant, airport lounges and office services when they travel

  • Card Enhancements – Rewards

Many card companies participate in the rewards and loyalty services. These are seen as a way to ensure that they reward their loyal customers and make the customers feel valued. These rewards are for all cardholders. Card companies usually work together with the betting and licensing board.

The above card enhancements are a way to ensure cardholders are rewarded and retain the cards they have or to get new customers. As you decide which card to get, always consider the card enhancements that the card company will make available to you and compare them to your needs.

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