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Credit and Debit Cards – The Big Guns Are Here

Visa and Mastercard are considered to be the leaders in credit and debit cards business. The two associations are spread throughout the world and in the banking industry in kenya

Credit and Debit Cards associations

Both MasterCard and VISA are in the process of opening Regional Offices in Kenya for Credit and debit cards.  Is this move by both organizations a sign of commitment to the region after years of neglect, or a response to the threat of their business model posed by mobile commerce? Mobile banking has taken over the day to day transactions of both individuals and corporations in Kenya.

The Kenyan market is unique in the payment space as mobile has leap frogged over all other money transfer and banking channels. Poor communications networks and infrastructure, coupled with the non availability of simple acceptance devices has been the cards’ down fall in many countries especially in Africa. The Automated Teller Machines and Point of Sale are expensive leading Mobile transactions taking over and to fill that void.

Many transactions in Kenya happen on a meal by meal basis with the corner shop and the informal sector have helped mobile commerce to outpace cards. The volume and value of transactions the mobile environment handles daily cannot be equaled by any other payment channel.

credit and debit cards’ have suffered declining competitive edge

The decision of whether this is a good thing for the banking industry depends on where one stands? Maybe not if you are a banker, while the consumers have a totally different view.  The flow of fees earned in the mobile space is also different to the card model. Corner shops prefer the mobile model as they earn revenue instead of lose it in the card model due to commissions paid out for card usage.

Unless the two giants in the card space rethink their model and come back with pricing and rules and policies that suit the local market, the future of Credit and debit cards looks bleak. Credit and debit Cards will become prerogative for the middle to high income people that travel and for tourists.

decision time for credit and debit cards’ business

The big guns need to urgently relook their Africa Strategy to ensure a brighter future. We wait to see how the payment industry will change and if the card associations realize that one size does not normally fit all. Credit and debit cards issuers and acquirers must customize the products to suit their corporate needs.

credit and debit cards

credit and debit cards

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