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Personal Bank Accounts in Kenya – 7 steps to have your personal bank accounts opened

There are various kinds of memberships to the bank, for example, personal bank accounts  in Kenya and Business accounts. A bank account is like membership to a club,where bank account holders become the members after they fulfil the club requirements.

personal bank accounts

personal bank accounts in kenya


The central bank of Kenya as a regulator of all banks, and with Kenya Bankers Association has some requirements that all Kenyan banks must meet as they bring in new personal bank accounts holders. When banking in Kenya, the banks are required to Know their customers and hence the need to supply the bank with the documents.

Complete application forms for personal bank accounts in Kenya

The Kenyan banks all have personal bank accounts opening forms that require to be completed. Most of these forms ask for information that is backed up with the documents that have been requested. The account opening form is very important as it identifies the type of account that you want. The form usually has the terms and conditions of having the personal bank account. These are the legal requirements and rules that govern your relationship with the Kenyan bank. The form must be signed by the applicant. The details captured in this form are used by the bank to send you statements and other communication. It is important that you give correct details in the form as requested.

Identification for personal bank accounts in Kenya

Have the identification papers ready as you approach the bank that you are interested in to apply for your persoanl bank accounts. The bank will require the original papers and copies of the same. The documents are usually the National Identification or a Passport. The banks prefer to use the National Identification to a passport since all Kenyans who are over eighteen years of age should have one.

Photos for personal bank accounts in Kenya

Kenyan banks require photos as a way to confirm that the persons presenting themselves to the bank to apply for the personal bank accounts are the genuine person. Some banks photograph customers in their banking halls and so do not require you to carry the photo. The photos should be current copies.

Evidence of income.

The Bank would like to know how you have obtained the funds you will be depositing. This is important to curb criminal activities such as fraud and money laundering. Most employed individuals use payslips.

Minimum account opening balance.

Depending on the account being opened, the bank will request for the required amounts to be banked or a completely filled out deposit form accompanied by the cash requirement to be part of the account opening forms. Some accounts are opened on Zero balance.

Physical evidence

In recent times, the Banks also require that applicants give copies of their water or electricity bills. These are required to confirm the physical residence of the customer. Where the applicant does not have the bill in their names, the banks require a letter from the Landlord. The Landlord writes to confirm that the applicant is a tenant. The applicant is also required to give a map or directions to the physical location where they are tenants.


Many banks require that the customer be referred to them. This requirement is undergoing many changes with the many changes in the banking industry. The reference may be given by the employer, introducing you to the bank. The account opening staffs usually act as the referral agents.

In conclusion, though the documents and requirements seem cumbersome, many are required by the Kenyan Banking regulators. The above are requirements are for citizens. Foreigners have a few extra documents they have to provide. To have the personal bank accounts in Kenya opened quickly, approach the bank with the above documents.

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