Advantage and disadvantage of virtual credit card

There are several advantages and disadvantages of virtual credit card. these have been discussed in detail in the below article.

Introduction to virtual credit card

A virtual credit card is a credit card that every-time when one wants to make an online purchase on enters the actual credit card information and a new number is generated to facilitate the online purchase. This virtual credit card number generated will be temporary and expires immediately the online purchase is successful.

 Advantages of virtual credit card.

  • One of the advantages of the virtual credit card is that the number generated is only valid for the one time online purchase and transaction. Once the online transaction and purchase are successful the it expires.
  • Another advantage of virtual credit card is that one can set a limit for the particular online purchase and transaction they want to make. This advantage of the virtual credit card ensures that the merchant does not charge more for the online purchase and transaction. Therefore virtual credit cards help the one take control of their finances by ensuring that they stay within their financial budget.
  • Virtual credit card has another advantage in that they are widely recognized and can be used by anyone online to make any online transactions and online purchases. Most merchants accept the virtual credit card giving the online shopper freedom. Therefore virtual credit card allows for online purchase from all over the world.
  • Data safety and security is another advantage of virtual credit card in that the actual account number of the credit card is not visible to the merchant or on the online payment system. Therefore this information cannot be used by fraudster to make any other fraudulent online purchases and transactions. This makes online transactions and online purchases using the virtual credit card safe and a great advantage.
  • Another advantage of the virtual credit card is that it gives the online purchaser freedom as they are not worries that their actual credit card information would be used fraudulently.
  • Another advantage of using virtual credit card is that there is flexibility in the use of this virtual credit card as it can only be used when there is a need to make online purchases. Since the number generated for the virtual credit card is temporary then the online purchaser uses it only when they are ready to make any online purchases.

 Disadvantages of virtual credit card.

  • ¬†One of the disadvantages of the virtual credit card is that the transfer of funds from the online purchasers account to the merchant account takes time and at times the goods are delivered before the actual payment to the merchant is made.
  • Another disadvantage of the virtual credit card is that even though the virtual credit card is widely accepted, some merchants are still skeptical and have not fully accepted the virtual credit card.

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