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Help with debt Management

Help with Debt

Help with debt

When taking a loan it is important to get debt advice or help with debt decision and timing. This advice includes and is not limited to: how much money to borrow, whether the loan is necessary, the cost of funds and the best repayment period and is it a quick Loan.

The borrower should ensure that they understand the terms in the contract. They should first read and ask for clarification on any issue not understood. Help with debt jargon may be sought from legal and financial advicers.

In the event the loan becomes a challenge, the borrower should seek help with debt repayment immediately.


 Tips on help with debt management

1. Self examination- candidly investigates the new situation and collects as much information as possible to the exact cause of the default. Borrower has to be very honest so as to get the root cause of the problem if help with debt is to be realized.

2. Ensure that all the paper work concerning the loan is in order, including the position of the collateral held. Factors to be confirmed about the collateral are: if the charge documents were well executed and if the security margin is still adequate.

3. A meeting should be held with the lender to discuss the position of the loan and how they intend to repay the loan. The lender is also interested in the borrower making the payments on time, and so they help with debt management skills. The lender sometimes allows the loan to be rescheduled.

4. During the meeting a clear objective on the way forward based on the information already collected should be obtained. The lender should strike a balance with the borrower and come up with an acceptable and the best solution for both parties involve without any greater loss being incurred.

5. The lender should help with debt restructuring. The lender should confirm in writing to the borrower the decision of the meeting. The time frame for the repayment and the reviewed repayment period should be clearly indicated. At this point any penalties to be charged should be indicated to avoid last minute surprises.

6. The lender should control the position agreed on firmly and carry any intended action through. The lender should help with debt diarizing and sending reminders to the borrower.

Any kind of Help with debt should be welcomed by the borrower so that they avoid debt problem loans


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